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About Keen Kutter

Any handyman knows the importance of a solid toolkit. When it comes to tools, few names are regarded with the respect of Keen Kutter. The brand possesses a proud history of quality, as it signifies only the highest realm of efficiency and dependability. This history spans back well over 100 years, making a solid case for high standards. Today, items with the Keen Kutter logo are highly prized collector's items. This is due to both the original quality of production and durability, in addition to the rarity of the trademark in its later days. The trademark is no longer used by companies, although that option is still on the table. However, most Keen Kutter tools are forever discontinued, making pieces such as Keen Kutter planes hotly desired. You can find a large inventory of items on eBay, where an impressive range of tools and other items are on sale. Everything from pocket knives to axes can be found on, representative of a solid history of tool making and use. Keen Kutter items are highly regarded pieces of any collector's toolkit.