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About Kaye Wiggs

The world of doll collecting is a competitive one, with many top prizes earning the fierce attention of jealous buyers. The works of Kaye Wiggs often earn such attention, due to their combination of quality craftsmanship and haunting aesthetics. Kaye Wiggs' BJD Dolls are some of her most highly coveted works. BJD dolls are dolls with ball and socket joints, so they move in an extremely realistic way. Realistic, too, are the facial expressions found on all of her creations, which never fail to impress the viewer with a sense of realism rarely mimicked by any sort of human attempt. Beautiful clothing adorns many dolls, with intricate designs, bright colors, and culturally accurate artifacts adding another level of lifelike quality to the overall piece. Kaye Wiggs' porcelain dolls are also highly regarded in the collector's world. You can find many such rare pieces in the vast inventory on eBay, where collectors have access to the full range of the designers vision. From famous dolls like Layla and Nelly to old patterns and dresses, many models can be found. A Kaye Wiggs doll can easily add value to any collection.