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About Kawasaki Z750

Going to work is fun on a Kawasaki Z750. At least, the journey is fun. You can get through traffic faster, you know your bike looks good, and you can enjoy the spritely engine when you hit open road. At its core it is a naked street bike, although you can also find half faired models. There are two main types of Kawasaki Z750 seat configurations – a single seat plus a pillion passenger, and a single seat by itself. The Kawasaki Z750 handles well and features a fuel injected, 748 cc engine. It also sports a six-speed transmission, making it comfortable when you are riding at the upper end of the speed limit. Finally, this bike is reliable. The engine comes from the tried and tested ZX-9R, which Kawasaki spent years refining. This bike was manufactured from 2004 to 2012, offering several models from which to choose. You can find the ride that suits you among the vast inventory on eBay.