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About Kawasaki Prairie 360

You might find yourself going in circles searching for the perfect ATV, until you spot the Kawasaki Prairie 360, which turns the situation around. The Kawasaki Prairie 360 is a small off-road machine, built with a light frame and basic components, perfect for racing across meadows at full speed. This ATV has a durable plastic frame; short and sweet front fenders rise high over the front wheels, keeping debris from sticking, and add a nice aesthetic touch with defined curves. The rear fenders feature a slight arc shape, which gives the rear end a sporty look and improves aerodynamics. Protective vinyl mud flaps form the bottom portions of front and rear fenders, keeping debris from splashing up and hitting your legs. These machines operate using standard gasoline. They have four-stroke engines with high displacements and plenty of torque. Saddle-shaped seats give you a wide, flat surface for sitting, and alleviate pressure in the right places. Wide footrests provide traction and support for your feet, while handy racks in the front and rear let you transport various materials. You can look for these ATVs, and the parts you need to keep them going, thanks to the large inventory on eBay. Search for small parts, like Kawasaki Prairie 360 carbs. Just as easily, you can look for Kawasaki Prairie 360 actuators and other components you need.