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About Kawasaki Mojave 250s

If you like getting off the beaten track, and testing your nerve and driving skills with a powerful all-terrain vehicle, the Kawasaki Mojave 250 is for you. Its production run was from between 1987 and 2004, targeting sports enthusiasts. Those types of people still enjoy it, spending weekends going through mud and across rocky trails. The Kawasaki Mojave 250 shared a lot of components with the popular motorcycle from Kawasaki, the KLR250. This makes Kawasaki Mojave 250 parts slightly easier to find. It has excellent suspension, particularly if you ride it quickly. This means 6.9 inches of travel on the front and 8.5 inches of travel at the back, which does a good job of keeping the ATV under control when you are going quickly. The Kawasaki Mojave 250 engine is a water-cooled, 249cc Kawasaki with dual overhead cams. The transmission is a five-speed manual so novice riders will have to get used to using the clutch before they can really start opening up. There is a large inventory of this ATV, and its parts, available on eBay.

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