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About Kawasaki Mean Streak

"You really have a Mean Streak," you say in awe, eyeing your friend's new motorcycle standing proudly in the garage. The Kawasaki Mean Streak is a big bold bike with an appearance and attitude matching its name. This motorcycle classifies as a cruiser but packs plenty of speed, thanks to its lightweight frame and aerodynamic design. This Kawasaki features a fuel-injected V8 engine that delivers a strong output and plenty of torque. The engine boasts a rapid cooling system and provides fast acceleration, letting you leave competition in the dust. These motorcycles have unique inverted forks, which reduce vibration and turbulence, letting you enjoy a quieter, more comfortable ride at all speeds. Kawasaki Mean Streak shocks are standout components, featuring an adjustable design for the most traction and control. These bikes feature front and rear disc brakes that operate independently, letting you safely stop without the brakes locking. These models have chrome plates over their front and rear wheels, serving duty as fenders. Equally elegant chrome polish lines the exterior components, including the foot pedals and center console. Kawasaki Mean Streak exhausts feature a double-tube design, giving the bikes a bold sporty look. Although no longer in active production, you can search for these motorcycles and their parts on eBay, where a large inventory lets you search for a Kawasaki Mean Streak.

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