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About Kawasaki 100

Why confine yourself to the road or the dirt when you can have the best of both worlds? The Kawasaki 100 is a dual sport motorcycle made for those who do not want to be stuck with only one option. The Kawasaki KE100 will not get stuck in the mud if you take it off road, nor will it whimper if you give it a go on the asphalt. The Kawasaki KM100 is just as rugged and versatile. Extra keys, front forks and triple clamps, and fuel taps will keep your bike up to speed and up to the challenge. Other parts and accessories offered include battery boxes, gas fuel petrol tanks, brake cables, and hour meter tachometers with digital LCD displays. Manuals, handlebars, engine flywheel rotors, and cylinders are offered so that you can repair, upgrade, or prepare for the road ahead as you push your bike to the limit. Kawasaki 100 bikes and parts are delivered using convenient shipping methods from reliable sellers on eBay.