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About Kate Spade Polka Dot

Designer Kate Spade is world famous for her use of fun colors and prints in her designs, and that sentiment shines through in the Kate Spade polka dot line of clothing and accessories. You can find a vast selection on eBay of everything from purses to iPhone cases. The company makes several versions of the polka dot handbag, most of which are black with white dots, though some are black with pink dots. The exciting accessory is a great way to add some personality to a boring black dress or business suit. If you really want to add some flare to your look, then polka dot clothing is a must. There are several designs and styles, such as the popular Jillian, a silk black sleeveless party dress with white dots and a bow around the waist. If you are wild about the Kate Spade polka dots line but want to keep things subtle, you can always buy a luggage tag to add to your favorite suitcase or travel bag or a makeup bag to keep your favorite lipstick and powder tucked away in your purse.