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Simple designs, bright colors, and utilitarian styles are what active, urban woman are looking for in the perfect handbag. Kate Spade has been on this quest since 1993. From the functional crossbody to the carry-all tote, Kate Spade handbags sizzle with color, pop with geometric prints, and exude affordable urban style.

About Kate Spade Handbag

When she launched a simple line of six handbag designs back in 1993, who knows whether Kate Spade knew what she started. Today, Kate Spade handbags are staples in a fashion-forward urban woman's wardrobe, and they remain popular among those who value modern design, simple concepts, and sensible prices. Kate Spade New York includes an empire of fashion and home design styles, but the signature handbags that started it all remain a popular anchor to the rest of the line. From the start of her design career, Spade placed an emphasis on utilitarian styling and colorful palettes. Today, it is easy to see those same trends in her designs. A polka dot Kate Spade handbag, for example, might feature a bright red background with a simple two-handled silhouette. Browsing these styles and more on eBay is one way to explore and appreciate the designs that made Spade famous. Sellers feature classic styles and even popular lines, such as Kate Spade Cobble Hill handbags and wallets. Combining the elements of designer fashion with utility, and urban style, the quest to find the "perfect handbag" has been at the heart of Kate Spade handbags since inception.