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About Katana Fairings

Cruising down the road, your Suzuki Katana seems to deliver the ideal combination of reduced air drag and enhanced protection from airborne objects. That's because a Suzuki Katana fairing is designed to improve aerodynamics while giving you more coverage. A larger, performance-cut fairing helps differentiate sport touring motorcycles from both sport bikes and touring bikes, and the Katana's fairing helped make it one of the world's best-selling sport touring bikes during its 1981-2006 production run. In fact, the nose-shaped fairing on the first Katana represented a breakthrough aspect of motorcycle design at a time when touring bikes featured flat-face fairings. The incorporation of shapely fairings into later sport-bike designs comes directly from this early Suzuki Katana fairing. Whether you have an early-model or late-model Katana, you can find a pre-owned fairing for it on eBay. You can search according to your year of bike and the part you need, such as 2006 Katana fairing, or just by the specific type of fairing, such as Katana left fairing. If you want to get the best possible performance out of your Katana, just make sure you have the right fairings on it.

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