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About Kata

After your friend invites you for a day of hiking, you quickly pack all of your photography gear together in a backpack. Unfortunately, when the opportunity of a lifetime shows itself, a stunning pair of bald eagles swooping down in unison right in front of you, you are not able to get your gear together quick enough to take a shot; maybe you should have had a backpack from Kata. Kata is a premium backpack manufacturer that specifically designs its bags for photography and videography equipment. You will find pouches for your lenses, a tripod holder, waterproof pockets, and a Kata strap to ensure your backpack stays safely snug against your body. One notable model, the Kata Bumblebee, is an award-winning backpack that is a lightweight and ultra durable. If you want to make sure your camera gear is easily accessible and always protected, pick up a Kata bag from one of the reliable sellers on eBay for your next hiking excursion.