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About Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Few players in basketball reach such an iconic status as to have a signature shot that is associated almost solely with them. However, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and his Skyhook earned this fame, and the reason is simple: seeing the Skyhook's long, lingering arc as it perfectly dropped through the net was a thing of poetry. Of course, there was a lot more than scoring to the career of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. When he retired, Abdul-Jabbar held the top spot in history for points, games played, blocks, and rebounds. In addition to his dominance on the court, Abdul-Jabbar fascinated off the court, making his memorabilia even more special. From the rare Kareem Abdul-Jabbar rookie card when he still went by his given name of Lew Alcindor to jerseys and posters of the famed center, eBay offers a wide selection of gear from reliable sellers. Included is a selection of items featuring a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar autograph, which takes the value to a new level.

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