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About Kaleidoscopes

No matter your age, a kaleidoscope is a colorful treat for the eyes and the imagination. Invented in 1816 by Scottish scientist Sir David Brewster, the magical tube containing patterns of bright colors wowed early users, just as children and adults are still amazed by the beauty today. The optical wonder inside is caused by angled mirrors reflecting loose pieces of colorful glass or plastic, which, when viewed through the long tube, appear to make patterns. Make your own with a ready-to-use kaleidoscope kit, or find many new and gently used options on eBay, all sold by reliable sellers. Easily search through hundreds of collectibles, like a vintage kaleidoscope, or find plenty of new options. Each one offers different designs and colors, and are as unique as the person viewing. Look through the long tube of the kaleidoscope to discover huge beauty in a deceivingly small space. Opulent, bejeweled, fantastical patterns await your eyes.