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About K20

The K20 engine, a B-series successor and forerunner for the Honda hall of fame, offers more power and torque than ever before, expanding the potential for your car. This engine acts as the power plant for the Acura TL, Honda Civic Si, and Acura RSX. The K20 utilizes two types of i-VTEC systems. The first uses three-lobed cams that open at a certain RPM range to allow your car more power. The second, the eco-friendly i-VTEC system, uses two-lobed cams that act similar to the older single-cam VTEC system; this allows for a more economic power gain. If you are in the market for the power and performance of this newer engine, but want to retain the comfort of your own car, consider a K20 swap. You can also build your engine and install a K20 individual throttle body (ITB) setup, which dramatically increases the power of your engine as the ITBs inhale a higher volume of air at a quicker rate. New and used K20 engines, parts, and accessories are sold through the reliable sellers on eBay. The K20 engine combines power and reliability to keep your inner race-car driver satisfied.