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About Junior Seau

After his untimely death in 2012, Junior Seau memorabilia has become even more valuable. There will never be another authentic Junior Seau autograph, so if you own one, you know that it is part of a finite set. A Junior Seau rookie card is a valuable reminder of how his illustrious career began with the San Diego Chargers. Since his death, Seau has become a symbol for NFL players' struggles with concussions and head injuries. His legacy on that issue will continue well into the future. Whether for his value as a human being, or as a football player, owning Junior Seau football cards will be a good investment that can be passed on to other generations as a reminder of his contribution to the world of athletics. A variety of autographed cards can be found on eBay at a range of prices. Since there will never be another Junior Seau autographed card, owning one now is owning a piece of NFL history.