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About Jump Hour Watches

From the invention of the first watch by Peter Henlein to the "quartz crisis" of the 1980s, watchmaking has seen a significant turn of events. However, as notable the history of mechanical watches, electric watches, and quartz watches may be, there is nothing as strange, yet fascinating as a jump hour watch. Instead of a dial and hands as seen on most watches even today, jump hour watches display time in digits – when an hour ends, the watch jumps to the next hour displayed through an aperture. Since this type of watch displays digits, it is often referred to as a digital jump hour watch or simply a digital watch. Digital watches can be mechanically powered or use a quartz system. Antique jump hour watches from the 1800s and mid 1900s were mechanically powered, while later versions consisted of electronically powered jump hour systems. You can find a vast inventory of jump hour watches on eBay. Collect vintage watches from the renowned Swiss company Breitling, or find rare men's jump hour watches with unusual designs. These timekeeping devises peak the curiosity of watch lovers everywhere even today.