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About Jumeau Dolls

Her large eyes gaze at you with an expression a vivid as that of a real child's. A perfectly crafted item, a Jumeau doll is a toy as unique and well-made as any you might find in the world of collectibles. Production on these well-crafted dolls began in the mid-1800s. The clothing associated with these dolls is a replica of fashion from this era and is as ornately done as the dolls themselves. There is a good deal of variety in the materials in a Jumeau doll. Original Jumeaus can be paper mache, glazed porcelain, and bisque. Jumeau bisque dolls are the most popular and widely collected today. Those looking for genuine Jumeau bisque dolls have signs to look for that distinguishes collectibles from replica items. For example, genuine Tete Jumeau dolls have a mark that reads "depose tete jumeau" on the back of the doll head. Whether in search of a real Jumeau from the 1800s or a modern replica, you have a wide range of options to consider in the large inventory on eBay.

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