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About Juicy Couture Necklace

They stood gathered around the birthday cake as Ronald and his two teens, Jeff and Samantha, presented Cynthia with the special birthday gift they had been working on together, a Juicy Couture necklace which shined from the black velvet gift box. They had started with the 16-inch Juicy Couture Starter necklace with featured a toggle clasp with the Juicy signature "J" and crystal-studded heart charm which Ronald had found, new, on eBay. The 12-karat 16-inch yellow gold-plated brass chain would be easy to dress up or dress down, as Cynthia needed to go with her various outfits. Then, they had each added a significant charm to the necklace. Ronald added a beautiful wedding cake charm to signify their marriage and told Cynthia that he always thought that she was as charming and beautiful as the Juicy Couture Charm Necklace she held in her hand. He also added her initial "C" charm, because she managed to be a great partner and still remain her own woman. Jeff added the red-striped sunglass charm, which he said reminded him of his mom who was always dressed nice and loved to wear her sunglasses. Samantha chose to add the cupcake charm in memory of the many times that the two of them had been shopping and stopped for a delicious cupcake treat. This Juicy Couture necklace was a priceless gift and Cynthia was going to love wearing it everywhere.