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About Jugs

When someone asks if you know what a jug is, you say yes. Of course you do, who doesn?t know what a jug is? But did you know that jugs have been used in some form for over 3,000 years? Antique jugs were made from all sorts of materials, such as clay, glass, and ceramic, and were used primarily to carry liquids. The same thing is true of modern day jugs, but these also include plastic. With so many different variations of jugs, it is no wonder that these items are popular among collectors. Whiskey jugs are popular among collectors, especially if there are labels, names, or logos printed or etched into the stoneware. You can find these particular jugs on eBay and in a variety of sizes. As a jug collector, you may want to have a nicely rounded out collection by having a little of everything?from glass milk jugs to old artifacts like a medieval blue glass jug. Just imagine what kind of beverages was served out of an artifact like that.