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About Judith Jack

If you like antique jewelry but prefer not to wear something someone else has worn before, then you will love Judith Jack jewelry. This specially selected line of women's jewelry successful melds vintage with contemporary. The pieces produced under this brand are known for their signature combination of Swarovski crystals, marcasite stones and sterling silver 925. A Judith Jack necklace is typically a gorgeous sterling silver chain with marcasite and Swarovski crystals set along its length. The result is a simple yet startlingly beautiful jewelry. Such a necklace is most fittingly matched with a pair of Judith Jack earrings. Whether stud, hoop or drop earrings, the design features a central Swarovski gem surrounded by radial marcasite stones and held by sterling silver. With the wide selection of Judith Jack jewelry available on eBay, you never have to suffer dull antique and estate jewelry in order to achieve that flattering vintage look that men find desirable and women love.