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About Journals

Whether people like to admit it or not, time is the glue that holds the universe together, and it seems clear that it generally waits for no man. Because of this, the past endlessly slips from people's fingers, leaving only memories; fortunately, if you are wise enough to keep a journal, your memories can be immortalized in ink for further reminiscing, evaluating, or to show your grandchildren. A blank journal is a beautiful thing, but make sure you do not let it stay that way. Fill its pages with your hopes, aspirations, successes, and failures. Spending a few moments each day recording your thoughts can be therapeutic and very enlightening down the road. You can find many types of journals, like a leather journal or a spiral notebook, on eBay available from many reliable sellers. Grab your notebook, find a preferred pen or pencil of your choice, and start pouring your mind out on the blank pages before you.