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About Joker Costumes

Few comic book villains can top the disturbing, iconic look of Batman's nemesis, The Joker. Now you can get your own Joker costume and don the classic purple trench coat, green vest, and ghastly clown makeup that revitalized the Joker character in the Dark Knight trilogy. Reliable sellers on eBay offer you great deals on some of the best brands for your own Joker costume and other Batman apparel. For adult costumes, the Elite series has an authentic Joker outfit, complete with jacket, shirt, vest, tie, and socks. If you are looking for a more detailed package, though, the Grand Heritage brand offers you a full Joker get-up, including shirt, jacket, pants, tie, vest, wig, gloves, and even some other accessories, like socks and playing cards. Charade has a nurse outfit Joker costume — a clear homage to "The Dark Knight," director Christopher Nolan's recent take on the Batman canon. You can also find more traditional Joker costumes, though, if you are more a fan of the classic TV show's Joker, portrayed by Cesar Romero. With so many Joker costumes to slip into, it is time to turn into Mr. J and take over Gotham.

Transform yourself into a classic Batman villain for Halloween with a Joker costume. Whether you are a comic book junkie or a fan of the Dark Knight, this costume must-have is sure to impress. Play up the part and enhance the authenticity of your character with the help of costume makeup. Shop within costumes, reenactment & theater to find a huge variety of Joker costumes and other Halloween Costumes on eBay.