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About Johnny Cupcakes

Cupcakes may seem like a delicate choice for a dessert, but edgy fashion designer Johnny Cupcakes has proven that these sweet treats do not have to be just for girls. With a humble start in the trunk of the founder's vehicle, this unique line features cupcakes prominently displayed in a variety of designs, including replacing the skull in the skull-and-crossbones logo of the company. Each design features a cupcake, with some more abstract than others. Available in small sizes for children and ladies, and large and XL for larger fans, these shirts are a bold fashion choice that seamlessly blends edgy images with the cute and approachable image of a cupcake. Originally sold in boutiques painstakingly themed as bakeries, the broad range of styles lets you build a collection featuring movie references, beloved characters, and the crossbones logo on T-shirts and hoodies. Whether you are looking for a specific style or are an avid fan, the vast inventory on eBay means you can pick yourself a baker's dozen.