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About John Deere Toys

Are you passionate about your big green machine out in the garage? If so, you may want to pick up a few John Deere toys with that same tell-tale green coloring for your kids. The John Deere company focuses on producing agricultural equipment, including everything from lawn mowers to tractors. Yet, many experts believe that in or around 1920, the company began producing toys made of tin. These did not last long, dying out almost completely by the World War II era, due in part to the war's need for metal. Then, in 1946, Fred Ertl created a replica of the toys, which continue to be in demand today. Vintage John Deere Toys, both replicas and true originals, are quite collectible. Modern options, including John Deere riding toys, are available as well. Most are available through the reliable sellers on eBay. Whether you want to buy new John Deere toys for the kids or pick up a few treasured old pieces for your own collection, there are plenty of options to choose from on eBay.