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About Johan

If you are tired of your teenager always hinting he wants a new car, then maybe it is time to give him what he asked for. Johan model kits make the perfect gag gift for a whining teenager or a beloved addition to the collection of any hobbyist. Since the company was founded in 1847, Johan has produced some of the most popular types of model kits, many of which are now available on for sale on eBay. Nearly every Johan design can be found here from the classic Johan Cadillac to the always popular Johan funny car. The reliable sellers on eBay offer Johan model kits in all stages of completion. The dedicated hobbyist will be delighted with the many complete vintage kits which are no longer available in stores. These are often available in brand new condition in unopened boxes. The casual collector will also be interested in the already completed models which will look great on a shelf or desk. No matter who you are shopping for, eBay's reliable sellers are sure to have the perfect Johan model, ready for convenient shipping right to your door.