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About Joe DiMaggio

The sharp crack of a baseball bat, the roaring response from fans as yet another base-hit is tacked onto the never-ending streak. Joe DiMaggio is one of Major League Baseball?s most beloved players, and the veritable army of memorabilia and collector?s artifacts stands as a testament to the fact. Numerous lines of products have been dedicated to DiMaggio?s namesake and legacy, and authentic autographed items are capable of fetching a fair fortune. Reliable sellers on eBay have listed what your collection needs, everything from a true blue Joe DiMaggio autograph to a replica DiMaggio jersey. The man?s 56-game hitting streak, as well as his unparalleled image, has immortalized him not just as a baseball icon, a sports legend, but also as a symbol of American strength and dedication. The artifacts left behind from the life of Joe DiMaggio, as well as those still being created, tell the story of a man who rose to fame through baseball, but lived up to his image in his personal life, as well.

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