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About Jockey Briefs

Underwear is one of the most basic and important, but often overlooked, part of a complete outfit. When it comes to brands and styles, Jockey briefs are among the most popular. These undergarments are made for men and women, and come in many shapes, shades, and styles. Jockey began making underwear in 1934, and takes credit for inventing the first Y-style men's brief. Today, Jockey briefs still sell in droves to men, along with women and children too. You can still find a pair or set of Jockey classic briefs, which feature a mid-waist rise, high thigh cut, and full coverage. For a more modern shape and flattering fit, you might prefer Jockey low rise briefs, which have a low cut around the waist, and are easy to wear underneath your favorite low-rise denim skinny jeans. To find the perfect pair, you can search the inventory on eBay for a new pair, and select fast one-day or two-day convenient shipping options if you cannot wait to see your new purchase.