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About Jim Dine

American pop art combines aesthetic sensibility with mass accessibility in a fusion that challenges conceptions of the place of art in society. The work of Jim Dine is a prime example. Often deemed a significant member of the Neo-Dada movement, Dine's work, from "Happenings" to "Boras," never fails to excite and amuse. "Happenings" is a series that is performed in conjunction with the famous musician John Cage, and it combines mediums to great effect. Other works include drawings and sculpture, and his pieces have found places in compilations, with several book releases. You can find a number of fine Jim Dine pieces from the large inventory available on eBay, where his catalog includes the famous Jim Dine hearts. Signed Jim Dine pieces are also to be had. He is a member of the National Academy of design, and many of his works can claim a spot in the top museums and galleries in the world. Throughout his work, Dine uses bright colors and indeterminate borders to great effect. His heart series is exemplary of this tendency. Jim Dine continues to produce powerful works today and are a great addition to any home.