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About Jim Beam Decanters

Everybody loves a classic car, and so when visitors and colleagues pass through your office or home, they are delighted with surprise as you reveal that the detailed ceramic figurine of a red 1963 Corvette Stingray on your shelf is in fact a functional Jim Beam decanter. Camouflage has never been the primary goal of these beguiling collector's items, though, as the earliest Jim Beam decanters were intended both for practical use and as table decorations. Over a century of special edition bottles have accumulated into an extensive market of stately designs and tchotchkes that is now well represented by the vast inventory on eBay. The angler in your life would surely appreciate the beauty of a Jim Beam fish decanter. Holiday shopping for your "Phi Sig" frat boy uncle, dad, or brother is easy with a Phi Sigma Kappa Jim Beam decanter. Anyone that gets a kick out of antique technology can enjoy one of the Jim Beam telephone decanters in the life-size, authentic-looking form of a vintage telephone. The pool of subjects and themes of these vessels is almost limitless. Poodles, lighthouses, cowboys, train cars; a Jim Beam decanter is a creatively charming American collectible.