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About Jig

The jerking motion of a fishing jig, when used properly, emulates a wounded prey item for the particular kind of fish the lure is bait for. This leads to a large variety of the lures being available designed specifically for a high degree of allure to particular species of fish. Bass jigs are a good example. These use numerous materials to try to appeal to bass when used, and the integrated weight helps get the lure to the level they typically swim at. But fishing in this way isn't just about the lure you're using, and eBay's reliable sellers have other pre-owned items available to help someone new to jigging. Finding a specialized jigging rod is an option as well. These work with the particular weight and movement requirements of jigging to help the person fishing. Part of the rod is sometimes slightly more flexible to allow minor jerks to have greater impact. Fishing with a jig is a rewarding experience for both a novice and an experienced hand, but don't forget to match the lure to your prey for the best effect.