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About Jewish

Jewish traditions open the door for you to learn about the evolution of a people that have transcended immense tribulations, and prospered from their world-renowned discoveries. Many of the customs entrenched in other cultures are derived from the foundation of Judaism, such as Jewish art and Jewish books. Israeli artists like David Gerstein, Yair Emanuel, and Marc Chagall have produced breathtaking pieces of art that promote themes such as turmoil and persecution. The art appears prominently in popular exhibitions throughout the United States in major cities, including New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. What you learn visually through the works of these famed artists comes to life even more vibrantly in the books written by Jewish authors. The stories that pour out of classics like "Fiddler on the Roof" depict the most hallowed customs and the idiosyncrasies that define the Middle Eastern culture. Israeli authors have thoroughly documented the horror of the Holocaust, and the eternal struggle to find peace in the small parcel of land surrounded by hostile nations. Learn more about Jewish culture by purchasing art and books online at eBay.