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About Jewelry Display Stand

Whether you're a jewelry seller or just a fashionista with an accessory to match any outfit, you need a convenient way to story and show off your jewelry. Jewelry display stands come in a variety of styles, each suited for a different jewelry style. A basic T-bar works best as a bracelet or watch display stand. If you have a few necklaces to display, you can choose to use bust-style necklace display. These are larger and only show one or two necklaces, but they show how the pieces fit on the neck. For lots of necklaces, look into a metal stand that displays several hanging necklaces at once. When selecting jewelry display stands, choose materials and colors that contrast your jewelry to help them stand out. For instance, a black bust stand better shows off the nuance in a light-colored necklace. The reliable sellers on eBay offer new and used pieces as well as jewelry display stand lots so you have plenty of options. With the right display components, it's easy to make your jewelry into the center of attention in your store or just at home.