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About Jet Engines

Unless you work with them on a regular basis, the words 'jet engines' likely conjure up images of the huge engines that hang off the wings of commercial airliners. But the category is much more broad than that, and it encompasses everything from smaller turbine jet engines that can be used to propel vehicles much smaller than a commercial plane to instructional model engines that include instructional diagrams. No matter what the size, this type of engine relies on jet propulsion and can be used as an example to help explain Newton's laws of motion for students who are learning basic physics and engineering principles. There is a vast inventory of jet engine products on eBay, a category that includes a wide range of product options. This inventory ranges from actual turbine engines to various engine parts including various nuts, bolts, and covers needed to keep an engine in safe operating condition. There are also less serious — and much safer — toy model jet engines that give young and old engineering and mechanics enthusiasts a peek into the parts and operation of a full-size engine.