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About Jersey Cards

The business of card collecting is getting hotter all the time, and just when you think you?ve heard of everything?autographs, holograms, rookie cards?the card makers up the ante. Now the cards and card lots you can buy on eBay include memorabilia and jersey cards. These are football, baseball, and other cards that have swatches of game-worn jerseys or a game-used ball embedded in them. These types of cards are generally numbered, limited issues because, as you might guess, you can only get so many pieces out of one jersey. Noted inventor Adrian Gluck created jersey cards in the mid-1990s, and his right to hold a patent for a "non-technical" invention such as this was the subject of a protracted court battle for more than a decade. One particularly prized version of jersey card is the so-called tag card, which includes the official league logo from a game-used jersey. These are rare, since there is only one logo per jersey. Bulk lots of all sizes and varieties are available, some guaranteeing x number of jersey, auto (autographed), memorabilia, vintage, and/or rookie cards. If you haven?t already, start your collection of jersey cards and own an actual piece of sports history.