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About Jelly Jars

Anyone who has done any home canning knows the importance of canning jars, or jelly jars as they're often called. You can't have too many. They get broken or lost, or you just have more from the garden to can this year than you did last year, and you need more jars, as well as more lids and rings. Vintage jelly jars have that classic, old-fashioned look, which isn't necessary for practical purposes, but gives your jams and jellies a pleasing appearance when you want to give them away as gifts (and home-canned treats make great presents). Jelly canning jars can be used for more than just jams, of course. You can find canning jars and other canning accessories from the reliable sellers on eBay, brand new as well as used. If you grow a home garden, especially one with berries or fruits playing a major role, home canning becomes important, and that means you're always going to need more jelly jars, lids, rings, pectin, sugar, and other necessities of home canning and jam making.