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About Jefferson Nickels

Jingle, jingle, clank. The sound of your first roll of Jefferson nickels falling onto the table before you clean and display them lets you know that you are well on your way to being an established coin collector. Whether you already collect or you are developing your first collection, getting your hands on a Jefferson nickel set is a smart move. When shopping through the diverse range of sellers on eBay, you can invest in several presentation options. From a basic roll to a Jefferson nickel lot already in a display case, there is an option to suit your needs. With the former, you get the chance to lay them out carefully, give them a polish, and neatly place them in your collector's book. When it comes to the latter, your roll of Jefferson nickels comes pre-arranged. As a president who graced the face of nickels across many decades, Thomas Jefferson is surely a worthy addition to your collection.