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The Jeep Wagoneer pretty much created the idea of the SUV. Willys Army Jeeps had been used in WWII, and a civilian version (CJ) was created after the war. But it wasn’t until 1962 that the idea of making a comfortable four-wheel drive vehicle came to life. Created by legendary designer Brooks Stevens, the Jeep Wagoneer catered to suburban families who wanted a combination of luxury and outdoorsy ruggedness. The Wagoneer enjoyed one of the longest runs in automotive history, remaining largely unchanged until it was retired in 1991. As you can see when you browse through the vast selection of Jeep Wagoneer vehicles and accessories listed on eBay, the Wagoneer remains a cult favorite to this day.

About Jeep Wagoneer

When the garage door rolls up at your house, all you can see is a gleaming piece of American history. Nothing says luxury four-by-four like the two tons of rolling steel and "woody" body panels that are the classic American Jeep Wagoneer. On eBay, reliable sellers have a selection of Jeep Wagoneer parts that are just right for your ground-up restoration of the Brooks Stevens 1963 edition, which you fell in love with back in the days when you could not afford a Pinto, much less the Jeep of your dreams. Check out the hard-to-find Jeep Wagoneer grill in vintage chrome or more modern plastic that is the very last part on that long list you have been searching for, and feel satisfied knowing that your restoration project is headed in the right direction at last. The selection of Jeep Wagoneer parts and whole vehicles and convenient shipping options make it simple to get exactly what you need exactly when you need it. Pick up the keys to that Jeep that you love, and head out into the wild because the old Wagoneer was never meant to sit in a garage.