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About Jeep Half Doors

You drive a Jeep because you love hitting trails, off-roading, and enjoying the open air during your adventures. Jeep half doors allow you to better accomplish this goal, while also keeping your cab more secure. As the name implies, half doors have approximately half the height of a conventional vehicle door. They shield the passengers from the waist down, while leaving the rest of the side of the Jeep open. These doors provide a better alternative to riding with no doors at all because they work to prevent brush, dirt, and grime from the roads and trails from getting into the cab. When traveling at higher speeds, these doors also keep the inside of the Jeep warmer than having the sides completely open. Within the large inventory on eBay, there are Jeep half doors available for many different Jeep models, including TJ, YJ, CJ, and others. These doors are available in extremely durable materials, including stainless steel, which are ready to withstand the challenges of riding through rough terrain. You do not have to always drive with half doors. Hardware is available to allow drivers to change from full to half doors and back again, depending upon travel plans.

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