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About Jeep CJ7 Doors

Jeeps owners love to let the outdoors into their vehicles by removing the top, doors, and more, but there are times when it is necessary to keep the elements out. Choose the right set of Jeep CJ-7 doors for your road monster. Although dents and noticeable dings are good reasons to replace your doors, you may also want to install a new set of Jeep CJ-7 hard doors if the old ones have significant signs of rust. Hard doors are made of steel, so they can get rusty if the paint becomes worn or scratched. If you want lightweight doors for your vehicle, then you can also find Jeep CJ-7 soft doors, which are made of the same fabric and vinyl materials as the soft top. These reduce your overall weight but offer less protection than hard doors. Whether you prefer the look of soft doors or you want to replace dented or scratched hard doors, you can find a vast inventory of Jeep CJ-7 doors on eBay.

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