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About Jeep CJ7

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You power through the mud and crawl over rocks with smoothness and agility in your Jeep CJ7. The wide wheelbase keeps you steady on the ground as you plow through the toughest terrain. Known as the "Civilian Jeep," the CJ7 is a public version of Willys Military Jeep, featuring a rugged design and power under the hood. Removable doors are one of the signature features of the CJ7 and similar models. In the summer, you can remove the doors completely to make hopping in and out a snap. Jeep CJ7 soft doors keep the interior cool and allow you to feel the breeze on hot summer days at the beach. No matter whether you are headed down the mountain trails or cruising down a sandy beach, Jeep designed the CJ7 to keep you moving even after the roads end. With Jeep CJ7 seat covers, you can protect the interior from those times you plan to get a little muddy. In its 11 years of production, Jeep released several equipment packages, including Renegade, Golden Hawk, and the 30th anniversary Jamboree Edition. Though production of Jeep CJ7 ended in 1986, it is a favorite for mud racing and rock crawling several decades later. Find a large inventory of CJ7 parts and accessories as well as the vehicles themselves by shopping on eBay. Head off-road, or be there in spirit when driving your CJ7 on your regular commute.