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About Jeep Cherokee XJ

When it comes to respectable off-road SUVs, you can easily call the Jeep Cherokee XJ "Chief." With its small, lightweight frame, sturdy tires, and roomy cabin, this vehicle fills the void of consumer automobiles equally suitable for driving on paved roads and playing in the woods. This Jeep precedes later and larger models of Cherokee family, including the bestselling SJ. The XJ comes in a mid-size SUV design and features a short and boxy frame with a two-door layout. This vehicle seats up to five passengers, with two in the front and three in the rear. Behind the back seats is a short trunk, just the right size for holding weekend camping equipment such as tents and fishing gear. As with other Jeep SUVs, the XJ has a rectangular front grille and six front headlights, allowing optimal visibility in all types of weather. It has two standard halogen bulbs, along with lower fog lights and sidelights to provide lateral visibility. As great as they are, your Jeep Cherokee XJ needs some TLC every now and then to be at its best. Thanks to the large inventory on eBay, you can search for basic accessories, such as Jeep Cherokee XJ lights, to ensure your vehicle is ready to tackle any trail. You can also find fun supplies, such as Jeep Cherokee XJ decals, to let everyone know how much you love your ride.