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A set of 300-watt speakers might be enough to get a little house party going, but you're gonna need a lot more juice to fill a big room with sound. JBL PRX speakers are built to do just that. Musicians, DJs, houses of worship, and public address speakers all employ them when loud and clear are necessary attributes to connect with the audience. No matter how many watts they offer, PRX speakers use their amplifier power efficiently. They overcome ambient noise to fully engage listeners, they're relatively lightweight to provide portability relative to their size, and outstanding durability enables these speakers to deliver years of powerful sound. However big your space is, you can find new and pre-owned PRX speakers on eBay to help fill it. The JBL PRX635, for example, offers 1,500 watts of power and cleanly covers a broad frequency range, while a PRX subwoofer produces full, rich lows without a hint of distortion. For uncompromised sound, you can't go wrong with JBL PRX speakers.