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About Jazzy

Get up, get moving, and get back into life with a Jazzy from Pride Mobility Products. When you or a loved one have limited mobility, it effects more than just you; it effects your whole family. This is not a wheelchair; this is a motorized scooter with the feel of a comfortable armchair. No longer will you have to rely on others to get around when you have a Jazzy power chair. These come with many options from the height of the back and headrest, to the foot rests. They use 12-volt batteries that are rechargeable for power. To maneuver your power chair, use the Jazzy joystick. It puts the ultimate control over your mobility at your fingertips. No matter what your special needs are, chances are you can find the appropriate accessory for your Jazzy on eBay. Reliable sellers have everything from cane holders to oxygen tank holders to cup holders to saddlebags. Find what you need and start enjoying time with your family outside your home.