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About Jawbone Icon

Offices can get quite noisy at times, so when you are making calls from your Bluetooth headset, you plug the other ear with an earphone bud just to block out the noise. You thought that was the best solution until you tried out a friend's Jawbone Icon. The Icon is a dedicated Bluetooth headset but it does more than take calls. You can also listen to songs over it. The Jawbone Icon HD provides superior audio quality through its military-grade noise-reduction technology. This Bluetooth headset plays well with smartphones by whispering your notifications in your ear. If you want a headset that will provide a wireless connection to your mobile devices, gaming console and PC at the same time, then the Jawbone Icon HD Nerd is what you need. With its Bluetooth USB dongle, the Nerd allows you to seamless move between multiple audio sources without the hassle of disconnecting and reconnecting. With the wide selection of headsets available on eBay, finding the best Jawbone Icon for your needs is only a click away. Henceforth, the market buzz of the trading floor will no longer stop you from calling home.