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About Jason Masks

Victor Miller introduced the world to a new serial killer in 1980 when "Friday the 13th" made its debut. If you want to keep the tale alive, a Jason mask helps you do just that. With reliable sellers on eBay offering masks and costumes in both new and used condition, creeping out those who dare come to your door on Halloween is simple. Jason Voorhees masks are made of rubber, latex, and plastic materials. Some are even equipped with fake blood or other effects to take the look to an even higher level. Add a Jason hockey mask to some ripped or stained clothing of your choice and voila, you have a last-minute costume that leaves a scary impression. Your options are not just limited to masks, however, as you can find complete costumes that include shirts and pants or accessories, such as weapons, so you look horribly terrific from head to toe. Scare both the young and old this year with your iconic look by adding a Jason mask to your outfit.