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About Jason Costumes

Since 1980, Jason Voorhees has been terrorizing the camp counselors of Crystal Lake as he seeks revenge for his untimely death. Known as the first true slasher movie, "Friday the 13th" took scary to a whole new level, and now the Jason costumes allow you to continue spreading the fear. The Jason costumes come with the infamous white hockey mask and the notorious green tattered jacket. If you love hack-and-slash movies and are searching for the perfect Halloween costume, then you can easily find what you need on eBay. Share your love of scary movies with your little one with one of the many new or gently used kids' costumes available for purchase. Children's costumes are available in S, M, L, and XL sizes and contain Jason's signature mask, stone cold killer jersey, and bloody hockey stick. The women's costumes include a Jason jersey dress and a hockey mask handbag for a unique twist on one of the scariest killers to ever grace the big screen. Order 24 hours a day, take advantage of convenient shipping options, and purchase with peace of mind from trusted and reliable sellers on eBay. These costumes are sure to please and certain to provide scares for years to come.