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About Jar Jar Binks

With danger lurking at every corner and the Rebels constantly running for their lives, a Jedi could use some comic relief on occasion. Star Wars Jar Jar Binks provided needed laughs with his natural clumsiness and knack for getting into trouble. However, he proves himself loyal to his friends and plays a key role in pivotal battles and other scenes in the movie. A Jar Jar Binks doll with floppy ears and a permanently surprised expression is a favorite among children. Let them take Jar Jar with them on car rides and watch their favorite Star Wars episodes with him by their sides. For Halloween, dress your child up in a Jar Jar Binks costume and go from house to house showing off Star Wars style. The Lego Star Wars Jar Jar minifigure comes with various weapons and rides on Lego Star Wars vehicles from other playsets. For Star Wars fans who want to own pieces that represent the far reaches of the galaxy, Star Wars Jar Jar Binks collectibles found on eBay get them one step closer.