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About Japanese Tea Cups

As you savor the scent of the infusion that rises from the traditional Japanese tea cup warming your hand, you appreciate the centuries of tradition and thousands of miles inherent to the meditative beverage. The tiny, hand-harvested leaves in your teapot come from a mountainside plant that took years to mature, and it seems only right to honor them and the people that grew them with a dignified vessel from which to sip and reflect. The vast inventory on eBay includes a range of Japanese tea-ware from delicate ceramic cup and saucer sets to rustic, hand-molded pieces evocative of natural elements such as earth, water, and fire. Various porcelain, wood, and metal options are available. Antique and vintage pottery and ceramic cups come in packages signed by well-known Japanese cup artists, as do modern tea cups of sophisticated and spiritual simplicity. Some Japanese tea cups are also appropriate for sake wine. Whether you are seeking a solemn ceremonial instrument or just a cute delivery system for your natural afternoon pick-me-up, there is a Japanese tea cup that fits the bill.