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About Japanese Photos

Dive into the world of feudal lords, temples, geishas, and monks. Japanese photos from the past provide a storied glimpse into the lives, occupations, and interests of Japan in the 19th century through early and mid-20th century. You will discover the lives of everyday workers like Japanese artisans with their special tools, farmers laboring in the fields, vendors with their retail items strung around their shoulders, and fishermen on old boats. Marvel over exotic dresses of Samurais with long gowns and special belts fitted with swords, or let your eyes gravitate towards the colorful world of geishas with their ghostly and ethereal white faces emphasized with colorful kimonos and thick wooden getas. You can also select Japanese WW2 photos from a vast inventory on eBay featuring the WW2 surrender, submarines at Pearl Harbor, kamikaze pilots, and foot soldiers. Or get a whole Japanese photo album of navy or army soldiers. So, immerse yourself in a world of women dressed in kimonos and ancient lanterns with bold calligraphy and behold these Japanese photos of an era gone by.