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About Japanese Cloisonnes

You are at a museum and find yourself staring at a magnificent ancient vessel carefully displayed in a glass box and wish it could be transported to that empty corner next to your dining table. To find a Japanese cloisonne of your choice, select from the large inventory on eBay. Intricate designs inlaid in gold wires embody the enameling process of the late 19th and early 20th century cloisonne technique. Dark color bases in blue, black, and deep red provide a striking backdrop for complex floral art. Nature portrayals of birds, the sky, forests, mountains, and the ocean give each piece of pottery a unique element exemplary of the ancient east. These antique pieces of art were made using different materials such as porcelain, bronze, and copper. Select from a variety of sizes of antique Japanese cloisonne vases, teapots, and lamps to match your setting or furniture. Display a rare lidded jar on your mantel or vanity as a jewelry box. Place vessels with stands in corners or behind glass boxes. Enrich your china cabinet with a delicate piece from the Meiji period or a majestic dragon depicted between borders for added symmetry.